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Welcome to Kingdom Monday Coffee Chat. (But this Week it’s Tuesday…because life.)


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Welcome to my “Space on the Internet”.  

If this is your first time here, welcome!

And, if you are one of  my loyal followers, welcome back.  


Today is Tuesday and this blog was supposed to go out yesterday but Monday had other plans for me.  


Whether you are reading this on a Tuesday or another day, I have a question for you-Do you love Mondays? 


Believe it or not I actually love Mondays!  But really it’s beyond just the day of the week, it’s what it stands for.  


A beginning of a new week with a ton of opportunities to embrace, achieve as well as start over if that’s where you are.  Also there is something about that first of the morning coffee with a new week ahead that just hits differently.  One morning I was thinking about these two things and thought “Why not just start a Monday Coffee Chat?  It got my mind going and the ideas just started to roll in.  This is not only a chance for me to post a weekly blog but also connect with all of you.   


Connecting with other moms is so important to me because whether you are a single mom or have a husband, we all need to know that there is someone or even a small group of women out there that has our back.  


Let’s jump in shall we!?  Grab your cup of joe or hot tea and let’s catch up and connect!!


So what have I been up to since my last blog?  I would say busy but in a way that has blown my mind.  


One of the most exciting parts of this season has been the releasing of my first published book, The Tale of the Christmas Angel last December.  With this accomplishment, I have been invited to the LA Book Festival in April of this year.  I cannot wait to share my journey and it will be on my IG.  Insert here…a shameless plug to make sure you are following me on  Instagram, Facebook  and TikTok.   Plus if you aren’t following me a ton of new resources and Kingdom Kids creations are going to be popping up over there.  

And if that wasn’t enough to put into the week of the LA Book Festival,  in preparation for the Christmas Season ahead(because as a small business owner, you can never plan too far out), I will be releasing  my new 28-book Children’s series. My Character Camp class on Outschool was such a success I decided to turn my curriculum into a book series and family devotional activity to help parents and children understand and learn more about their character.  You can learn more about me and what God is doing on my neIst YouTube video “Interview with the Author”.


I don’t know about you but my coffee cup is almost empty so it’s time to wrap this Coffee Chat up.  I cannot express how excited I am to sit here with you all more and just share from my heart what God is doing in my life, my company as well as my family.  I also cannot wait to continue sharing my budget friendly kid activities as Spring Break and Summer is upon us!! 


Because I love you all so dearly and you showed up here with your coffee and tea, I am going to give you a sneak peek at my upcoming summer activities.  Have you ever wanted to have a At-Home Drive In I created last summer for the kids  If that’s a yes, I got you covered.  Check out all the ins and outs and hows on creating your very own At-Home Drive In  here.

Until next week friends, pour a cup of coffee, take a moment to breathe and remember that you too can make the ordinary extraordinary in the lives of those you love most.





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