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Welcome to Kingdom Monday Coffee Chat. (But this Week it’s Tuesday…because life.)

  This post may contain affiliate links. Which means if you purchase from one of these links I will receive a commission.   Welcome to my “Space on the Internet”.   If this is your first time here, welcome! And, if you are one of  my loyal followers, welcome back.     Today is Tuesday and this blog was supposed to go out yesterday but Monday had other plans for ... Read the Post

Let’s Go to the Movies

My kids LOVE movies! But let’s be honest, movie costs add up quickly, especially if you have a lot of children. The movie choices at the theaters are not always what we are looking for. With such a wide age range of kiddos, I need to be able to find movies that will entertain my children from 7-14; no easy feat. UNTIL NOW! My sister gave me the best gift last Christmas, a movie ... Read the Post

Created to Create

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