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Perseverance in the Easter Season

Welcome Back Friend

I have my coffee ready, and I truly mean this when I say it was a struggle to find my way here this week.  My kids just left, and the funk of being without them always burdens me.  But then again, I think about the week ahead and perseverance in the Easter Season.  

We just finished up Palm Sunday yesterday, and I don’t know about you, friend, the week leading up to Easter is one I truly cherish.  Just the thought and details that are around what Jesus had to persevere always humbles me.   When I think of all Jesus did in those seven days, the word perseverance comes to mind.  Then my mom hat comes on, and I think, “How can I teach the very perseverance that humbles me and pass that same sentiment onto my children?”  The very subject is a deep and challenging thing for our children.


Perseverance in the Easter Season

What does perseverance mean to you?  I honestly would love to hear your thoughts on this word.  Do you think of this word when you think of Easter Week? 

For me, perseverance means doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Would you say that Jesus showed perseverance through his persecution, crucifixion, death, and resurrection? 

Start in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Satan tempted Jesus repeatedly, convincing him that it was better to give in to temptation rather than persevere to the end. As mentioned in the above description, achieve success.  And what a tremendous success of all time – the salvation of ALL PEOPLE FOR ALL TIME! Wow!  That is quite a calling and quite a victory!

Perseverance pays off.

In what areas are you struggling to persevere?  In what areas have you persisted and seen great victory?


Character Camp Critter-Sammy the Snail

Join me this week as I introduce you to Sammy, the Snail that teaches us about perseverance and not giving up EVEN when it is hard.  Life can be challenging, part of living in a broken world, but when we persevere WITH CHRIST, we can have nothing but victory through Christ, our savior, and most prominent defender.

I can’t wait to connect with you next week.  And just because I never want you to wonder, remember any links in this blog may lead to affiliate links that give me a small commission.  I appreciate all and any support you give me.    

Upcoming News

Be sure to watch my upcoming YouTube video when my kiddos and I Walk His Path together. So you can see what a great family tradition we celebrate together each year. 

Here is a fun and easy way to help your children learn about Jesus and his acts of perseverance.

  • The Walk, His Path family activity, should bring new depth and meaning to your Easter traditions.
  • FREEBIE – Resurrection Egg Printable

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Until next week friends, pour a cup of coffee, take a moment to breathe, and remember that you too can make the ordinary extraordinary in the lives of those you love most.



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