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Gospel Guide Monthly Membership

Your go to guide for monthly challenge groups and Bible studies

Are you a Beachbody Coach that loves to run challenge groups but have it on your heart that God is missing in the mix?

Are you a small group leader that loves the Lord and running your ministry but want to include health and wellness together?

Are you struggling to find the time and energy to create creative content that is fun and eye catching?

Life is meant to be lived and trust me I know the struggles you face with what I mentioned above AND finding TIME!

From household, job, mom, wife and any other responsibilities, time seems to be less and less each day and week.

This is why I created my Monthly Gospel Guides. I was right where you were a year ago-looking for God centered daily posts, graphics but also meal plans, journals, and personal development. The search was hard to find but then God put it on my heart to create.

Never Struggle With Finding or Creating Content Again!

A God centered resource that helps you and your group members draw closer to God while focusing on health and wellness.

The Monthly Gospel Guides are for…

✨ The coach and/or small group leader who loves to build community with God as the center.

✨ The coach and/ small group leader looking to not only grow spiritually individually but also help others grow closer to God through health and wellness.

✨ The coach and/ small group leader burnt out from creating new content month after month.

✨ The coach and/or small group leader ready to take the next step in her business or ministry by outsourcing content creation.

✨ The coach and/or small group leader who wants to take something off her plate, so she can spend more time with her family this year

You will get an entire month of FRESH content, delivered right to your inbox, including daily posts and custom graphics, weekly meal plans, Podcast Calendar, Spotify list, AND a daily devotion/journal that is all God centered!

It truly is the missing piece in so many industries focused on health!! This project is a total God sent ministry that I am so excited to share with you!

With different subscription options, there is something that will work with any budget.

Follow the link below and let’s get started today!!

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3 Month Bundle: $40.00

6 Month Bundle: $80.00

12 Month Bundle: $165.00

New Year’s Eve Special $10 for January.

Refunds will not be provided for any subscription. All membership sales are final and do not qualify for a refund.