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Let’s Go to the Movies

My kids LOVE movies!

But let’s be honest, movie costs add up quickly, especially if you have a lot of children. The movie choices at the theaters are not always what we are looking for. With such a wide age range of kiddos, I need to be able to find movies that will entertain my children from 7-14; no easy feat.


My sister gave me the best gift last Christmas, a movie projector.  It has been a game-changer for my family.  We don’t even like going to the movie theaters anymore.  

Last year I decided I wanted to create my own movie experience for my kiddos.  We have an amazing old barn, and it is perfect for playing movies on a large screen.

Now those large projector screens can be costly.  But, remember,  I am all about having fun for less. 

SOOO I found fabric on clearance at my local JoAnn store and was able to staple the material to the beams in our barn for less than $10! We had the projector, we had the screen, we had the atmosphere;  all that was left was the snacks.


So I created a homemade  concession stand, but the best part about this concession stand?  The candy, popcorn, and drinks are all FREE! Here are some of my favorite pieces that help make it feel like a real concession stand.  Don’t be afraid to use things from around your house, white board, popcorn popper, fun brightly colored tablecloth



I always try to make ordinary moments with my children extraordinary with a little creativity and fun.  All while trying to keep to our monthly budget.  Be sure to check-out my YouTube channel and subscribe to get notified of  my next videos. The holidays are coming and excited to share some of my favorite extraordinary moments and traditions.

* I receive a small commission on some of the links provided at no extra cost to you and help fund my latest DIY project.

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