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Homegrown veggies for the win

Homegrown kale Homegrown tomatoes Homegrown English cucumbers Yogurt dill sauce drizzled over steak and veggies Yes, please!!! Healthy doesn't have to taste healthy!!! The secret to me eating healthy is knowing how to make it taste unhealthy ... Read the Post

Some days are easier than others

Today is not one of those days. Life isn't always what you planned, more times than not actually. So on mornings like today ... I rise. I remember Who created me. Put my hat on as a reminder. And set out to continue to fight the good fight for Truth, peace, and wellness. ... Read the Post

Good sleep can be hard to come by

Especially if you have young children. Sleep is essential to our overall health. A quick family bedtime yoga routine and everyone in the house will be ready for a good, uninterrupted night sleep. Try these 12 yoga poses and prepare your mind and body for a great time sleeps... The little one's too. ... Read the Post