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Your go to place for hacks and tips as a single mom, teacher and your author journey.

Cyndi Laninga

I help stressed-out, overwhelmed single mommas make their time with their children extraordinary, not just ordinary. Reminding our children that they Kingdom Kids; designed on purpose for a purpose.


To My Healing Place

Words can’t express how excited I am that you took the time to visit here. There is a special place in my heart for the words, resources and motivation that you will find here. Everyone has a journey and everyone has places that need healing. This is what I pray you find here. Click around this site where you will find so many resources at your fingertips!

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– The Healing Place Connections –

Life as a Single Mom/Overcomer

Life can throw so many curveballs at us as single moms; I help single moms learn how to pivot and turn overwhelm into victory.

Life as a Health Coach

Helping women recognize Who they are created by so they know exactly how to love and care for themselves physically mentally and spiritually.

Life as a Teacher

My love for teaching children combined with the ability to work from home has launched my professional life forward in ways I never thought possible